Mission & Vision

Russia and Denmark have untapped potential for economic cooperation. The Governments of both countries are jointly working on strengthening and expanding economic ties. The private sector is also aware of the necessity to accelerate the process of integration between our countries on a broader political level, as well as at the level of individual companies.

The Russian-Danish Business Forum (RDBF) was conceived and further developed in the Memorandum of the VIII session of the Danish-Russian Intergovernmental Council on Economic Cooperation, which took place in Copenhagen on 18 to 19 January 2010.


The Russian-Danish Business Forum aims at being the best executive networking forum for top managers of Russian companies with an interest in Denmark as well as for top managers of Danish companies with an interest in Russia.


The mission of the Russian-Danish Business Forum is to promote increased commercial and economic relations between Russia and Denmark. The Russian-Danish Business Forum is an executive network association, which main purpose is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and contacts among companies and organizations promoting Russian/Danish commercial interests.

The idea of creating a Russian-Danish Business Forum evolved in government and business circles, in which Russian and Danish business associations also played an important role. It is therefore vital that the private sector acts as the driving force behind RDBF. In particular three Danish business associations, the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI), the Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) and the Danish Shipowners’ Association (DSA), represent members with important business activities and strong Russian ties. Furthermore, the Danish brewery company, Carlsberg, has also played an important part in establishing the Russian-Danish Business Forum. From the Russian side the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and NLMK Group have been highly involved in promoting the forum. 

The meetings at the Russian-Danish Business Forum are intended for CEO’s of a selected group of private companies with interests in and partnerships across the two countries. Leading business organizations will also participate in RDBF meetings.