Investment climate in Denmark

Why invest in Denmark?

Denmark is one of the best places in the world to do business! This Nordic country is a small and open economy, which is integrated in the European Union and has a very large foreign trade and investment portfolio. International organizations and professionals have consistently rated Denmark as one of the world’s best places to conduct business. Most recently, Denmark took first place on Forbes Magazine’s annual list of Best Countries for Business — for the third year straight. Moreover, the Economist Intelligence Unit nominated Denmark as having the world’s best economic climate for foreign investors in 2008. Thus, Danish businesses are very strong and operate very internationally — both from their home base in Denmark and from the increasingly important production sites around the world.

There are numerous reasons as to why one should consider investing in Denmark. In a globalized world with ever-changing market conditions, flexibility and adaptability are crucial for international success. An efficient and flexible labor market is one of the most important factors, but also a stable business environment and easily accessible capital markets are essential for the growth of businesses. Denmark still ranks among the top countries as a country with high flexibility for companies. The Danish strengths are a low degree of labor market regulation, major spread and use of the Internet, a low level of bribery and corruption, and a highly mobile and skilled labor market. In summary, Denmark offers:

Easy business set-up

According to Forbes Magazine and the World Bank, Denmark is one of the easiest places in the world to do business. High flexibility and a safe business environment characterize Denmark, where establishing a business can be done in a matter of hours and at very low costs.

Access to more than 100 million consumers

Denmark provides easy access to the entire European Union with more than 100 million of the wealthiest consumers in the world. Its geographical location makes Denmark an excellent starting point for regional marketing and distribution.

Transparent and stable business environment

Bribery and corruption is practically unknown in Denmark and as such Denmark has earned top rankings in the international transparency index for years. The extremely low level of corruption makes Denmark an attractive location for business activities.

Flexible labor market conditions

Denmark has one of the most flexible labor markets in the world. The simultaneous presence of both flexibility and security, also known under the term ‘flexicurity’, is a labor market model that allows companies to adjust the number of workers according to market demands, while at the same time ensuring that employees are quickly retrained and rarely remain unemployed for long. The Danish workforce is highly qualified and well-educated and is one of the most cost-effective workforces in Europe.

Qualified and motivated talent pool

Denmark has a highly skilled and very well-educated population with excellent foreign language skills (English proficiency is in the world’s top three). A high proportion of the population has a university degree. Moreover, self-motivation, company loyalty, creativity, and efficiency are integral parts of the Danish business culture.

Excellent infrastructure:

The Danish transport infrastructure is outstanding, even by European standards, with an extensive rail and road network, ten seaports with free port and trade zone facilities, and four international airports. Denmark offers the best infrastructure for a regional headquarter.

World leader in ICT, cleantech and life sciences:

Denmark offers leading-edge competencies within ICT, cleantech and life sciences. Denmark is without a doubt one of the world’s leading cleantech centers comprising more than 1100 cleantech companies. World-class R&D facilities combined with an innovative talent pool make Denmark an internationally competitive ICT and life sciences cluster.