Basic facts

Population: 140,3 mil. 
Capital: Moscow
Form of state: Republic
Gross domestic product (PPS): 2,220 bn US$ (2010)
Annual GDP growth (since 1999): 6.7%
GDP pr. capita: 15,958 US$ (2010) is the world's largest country in terms of territory, with a consumer market of over 140 million people, vast natural resources, a highly educated workforce, and technologically advanced research and production capabilities. Russia has tremendous growth potential. Investment opportunities exist in every region and in every sector of Russia's economy, with a wide array of government institutions, instruments and investment programs, as well as strong support for investors at all levels — federal, regional and municipal.

The past decade of Russia’s history has been the time of stability and order. Despite the global economic crisis, the economic progress of the country has continued. A great number of reforms, both legislative and social, have been undertaken in Russia in recent years. As a result, the country’s living standards and business environment have substantially improved in the last ten years. Since 1999, average annual GDP growth has been 6.7% in real terms, with personal income increasing by 8.8 % annually.

The Russian Government is focused on building a diversified economy, moving industry toward a more innovative manner of development and increasing direct investment in the economy. The authorities are carrying out comprehensive measures to improve the investment climate in Russia. This includes simplifying the tax and customs legislation, regulations on migration of labour force, and lowering the administrative and bureaucratic barriers.

There are numerous programmes aimed at upgrading the power sector, professional education and personnel training systems, and supporting the top-priority industries (automotive, pharmaceutical, defence, power generation, construction materials etc.).


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