Tatarstan Republic

The Republic of Tatarstan, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, is a part of the Volga Federal District, bordering the Ulyanovsk, Samara and Orenburg regions in the south; the Kirov Region, the Republic of Mari El and the Udmurtian Republic in the north; the Republic of Bashkortostan in the east; and the Chuvash Republic in the west.


The Republic of Tatarstan is located in the centre of the Russian Federation, on the East European Plain.

Administrative division

The republic consists of 43 administrative districts and 20 republic-administered towns.



68,000 square kilometres


Kazan, located 797 kilometres from Moscow

Main cities

Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk, Zelenodolsk


The republic has a temperate continental climate with an average January temperature of -14°C and an average July temperature of 19°C.

Main natural resources

Oil and gas are the republic's main resources. The republic also has limestone, dolomites, building sand, brick-making clay, building stone, gypsum, gravel, and peat. There are reserves of petroleum bitumen, black and brown coal, oil shale, zeolites, copper and bauxites.


The republic's population is 3,772,900 people, with 1,744,300 males and 2,028,600 females. Over 74% of the population is urban, while rural residents account for 25.9%. The economically active population is 2,315,700 people, of whom 1,720,600 are employed. The unemployment rate, calculated using ILO methods, is 6.7%. Senior citizens and minors account for 25.5% and 13%, respectively. The rate of natural increase is negative and stands at -3.6 per 1,000.


President of the Republic of Tatarstan: Rustam Minnikhanov. 

Mayor of Kazan: Ilsur Metshin. Appointed on November 17, 2005.

Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan: Farid Mukhametshin. He has held his post from May 27, 1998 until now.

Regional problems and prospects

The factors holding back the republic's economic development are: low production profitability in some industries, high wear of fixed assets at individual enterprises, underuse of production capacities, a high percentage of unused property, and high energy and resource intensity. The mineral sector dominates the republic's industry. Diversification is the answer to development risks. A social issue is the growing gap between earnings in the oil industry and in farming. Boosted agricultural productivity can contribute to the sustainable development of the region.


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