Arkhangelsk Region

Arkhangelsk region was formed on September 23, 1937 with the center in Arkhangelsk (375,4 thousand inhabitants) founded in 1584.
Total area of Arkhangelsk region is 584,4 thousand square km
The distance between Moscow and Arkhangelsk is 1133 km.

Geographic location. Arkhangelsk region is situated in the north of East European plain. The continental part is washed by the White sea. The region includes Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Land, Solovki isles and some other islands.

Natural conditions. Main rivers are Northern Dvina (with feeders Vychegda and Pinega), Onega, Mezen. There are more than 2500 lakes. January average temperature varies from -12 to -18 degrees centigrade, July — from +8 to +16 degrees centigrade. Annual precipitation varies from 300 to 500 mm; permafrost in the north of the region. Tundra gley and tundra swampy soils are widespread; tundra verdure changes into taiga (spruce, pine-tree) in the south.

Population is 1 mln 500 thousand people, 74% — urban residents. The overwhelming majority of the region population is Russians. Aborigenal Russians — coast-dwellers — have some cultural and linguistic peculiarities. The demographic setting of Arkhangelsk region has been steadily worsening in the past years, number of population has been decreasing, migration being one of the reasons.

Economic advantages and disadvantages. In the XVI-XVII centuries Arkhangelsk was the only sea trade port of Russia. Its role has grown again after the USSR disintegration. The region possesses substantial stores of undeveloped natural resources: timber, oil, gas, bauxites, titanium ore, gold, copper and nickel and lead and manganese ores, complex ores, manganese, basalt. Quite recently there has been discovered diamonds, which is perhaps the only deposit in Europe.
Main drawbacks are being hard-to-reach, quite severe climate and infrastructure being under-developed.

Specialty. Arkhangelsk region is the traditional place of lumbering, sawmilling, timber exports and pulp-and-paper production. Three biggest Russian pulp-and-paper plants (Arkhangelsk, Solombal and Kotlass) are situated here.

Main industries. Besides lumbering and woodworking industries Arkhangelsk region boasts of quite developed machine-building (ship-building including atomic submarines, road-building machines, woodworking equipment), food industry (mainly fish). Arkhangelsk region is a monopolist in Russia in production of label paper and snowploughs.

Defense industry of the region is presented by atom ship-building enterprises – Sevmashpredpriyatie, Zvezdochka – and space launching site Plesetsk.

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