Voronezh Region

Voronezh region was formed on July 13, 1934 with the center in Voronezh (981,9 thousand inhabitants) founded in 1586.
The distance between Moscow and Voronezh is 587 km.

Geographic location. Voronezh region is situated in the south of Central Russia. It borders: in the south – on the Ukraine and Rostov region, in the west – on Belgorod region, in the north-west – on Kursk region, in the north – on Lipetsk, Tambov regions, in the north-east – on Volgograd region.

Natural conditions. Voronezh region is located within Central Russian Upland (up to 268 m height); eastern part is Oka-Don plain. Main rivers belong to the Don basin (Khopyor, Bityug), Don. Chernozem sols prevail on the territory of Voronezh region. Verdure: large woodlands – mainly oak groves and pine forests; native steppes have preserved somewhere but mostly ploughed up.

Population. Voronezh region is highly attractive for migrants from Northern Caucasus. A Countryside people constitute a large share of the population. More than 94% are Russians, though there are places densely populated by the Ukrainians. Many people from southern districts associate themselves with Don Cossacks. Despite negative correlation between birth and death rates the total number of population is stable and average male life span is one of the highest in Russia.

Economic advantages and disadvantages. Voronezh region can boast of favorable transport and geographic location. There are explored deposits of non-ferrous metals. They also find signs of diamonds deposits. Numerous countrymen, who have preserved their work habits, cultivate fertile lands. In general economy structure is quite balanced. Lots of technologically advanced industrial enterprises are concentrated in Voronezh.

Excessive number of defense enterprises and unevenness of economic development of territories can be referred to the drawbacks.

Specialty: agricultural products manufacturing and procressing, machine-building and power engineering (the most technically advanced Novovoronezh atomic power station is located in Voronezh region).

Main industries: machine-building and metal working. Production of machine-tools, excavators, agricultural machinery, passenger aircrafts, metal-forming machines, concentrating equipment, TV-sets, radio sets, videotape recorder, electrical appliances, bridge hardware; chemical and pharma-chemical industries, building materials production (refractory products and others), food (fat-and-oil industry, sugar, meat) industries. Voronezh region is a monopolist in Russia in production of nine types of machines and equipment, including power presses, metal-forming machines, drilling machines, precleaning separators.

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