Lipetsk Region

Lipetsk region was formed on January 6, 1954 with the center in Lipetsk (520,7 thousand inhabitants) founded in 1779.
The distance between Moscow and Lipetsk is 508 km.

Geographic location. Lipetsk region is located within the limits of Mid-Russian elevation. (up to 246 m height). It borders: in the south – on Voronezh and Kursk regions, in the west – on Orel region, in the north-west – on Tula region, in the north – on Ryazan region, in the east – on Tambov region.

Natural conditions. Lipetsk region is located within the limits of Mid-Russian elevation. Main rivers are the Don with its feeders. The climate is moderately continental; January average temperature is -10 degrees centigrade, July average temperature is +19 degrees centigrade; annual precipitation is about 500 mm. Prevailing soils are chernozems. Vegetation is steppes (mostly ploughed), there have preserved districts of birch and pine-tree forests.

Population. More than one third of the region population is rural. The overwhelming majority (98%) is Russians. Birth and death rates tend to decrease, natality is negative, migration inflow subsides. The total number of the population has stabilized. Infant mortality is relatively low. There has appeared a tendency for average life span growth. In general the demographic setting is improving.

Economic advantages and disadvantages. Lipetsk region has an advantageous transport and geographic position in the center of most developed European part of Russia. The economy structure is well-balanced. The base of the regional economy is made by highly productive agriculture and metallurgy. The city of Lipetsk is characterized by highly polluted urban-industrial environment.

Specialty. Lipetsk region is noted for ferrous metallurgy products (cast iron, steel , rolled metal), tractors and household refrigerators production (80% of total Russian output) and sugar manufacturing.

Main industries: ferrous metallurgy, machine-building и metal working (tractors, machine-tools, parts and junctions for machine-tools and tractors and electric goods); chemistry, building materials production (cement and others), food industry (sugar, canned food manufacturing). Lipetsk region is a monopolist in Russia in production of seven types of electrical steel, polishing machines and cast iron force pipes.

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