Magadan Region

Magadan region was formed on December 3, 1953 with the center in Magadan (130,4 thousand inhabitants) founded in 1939.
The distance between Moscow and Magadan is 7110 km.

Geographic location. Magadan region is located in the north-east of Russia; it's washed by the Sea of Okhotsk. It borders: in the west – on Khabarovsk territory, in the north-west – Sakha (Yakut) Republic, in the north-east – on Chukotka autonomous okrug, in the east – on Karyak autonomous okrug, on the south it's washed by Sea of Okhotsk.

Natural conditions. The greater part of the territory is occupied by Kolyma upland. The main river is the Kolyma. The climate is sharply continental, rigorous; January average temperature varies from -19 to -38 degrees centigrade, July average temperature is +3...+16 degrees centigrade; annual precipitation is arout 300-700 mm. Long-term pergelisol is everywhere. Gley and podzol soils are widespread. Vegetation is forest-tundra changed by open larch taiga in the south.

Population. 90% of Magadan region population live in urban districts. The majority of the population is Russians (80%). There are also Ukrainians (12%) and other ethnicities representatives. Death rate surpasses birth rate. Negative natality and migration outflow lead to intensive decrease of the total number of the population.

Economic advantages and disadvantages. Most attractive prerequisites for Magadan region economy development are natural resources deposits (gold, complex ores) and also biological resources of the Sea of Okhotsk. But these advantages are to a great extent leveled by the region's being out-of-the-way, its isolation for the greater part of the year, severe natural and climatic conditions and the relief complexity.

Specialty: primary production of mining industry, transport.

Main industries: mineral resource industry (gold, silver, tin, tungsten, coal mining) and fishing industry; machine-building and metal-working enterprises. Arkagalin atom heat power station and Kolyma hydro-electric power station function on the territory of the region.

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