Orenburg Region

The Orenburg Region, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, is a part of the Volga Federal District. The Orenburg Region is located in the South Urals and borders Kazakhstan in the south and south-east and Russia's Republic of Tatarstan in the north, Republic of Bashkortostan in the north-east, the Chelyabinsk Region in the east, the Saratov Region in the south-west and the Samara region in the west.


The Orenburg Region comprises 12 cities and 35 administrative districts.


124,000 square kilometres


Orenburg, located 1,478 kilometres from Moscow

Main cities

Orenburg, Orsk, Novotroitsk, Buzuluk and Buguruslan


The Orenburg Region has a continental climate, with the average January temperature of -7°С and the average July temperature of +22°С.

Main natural resources

The region has 75 types of proven commercial minerals, including natural gas, oil, brown coal, combustible shales, ferrous, non-ferrous and rare earth metals, rock salt, limestone, asphaltites, jasper and marble. There are 195 proven oil and gas deposits. Predicted resources of vein and hardrock gold are at 1,200 tonnes. Other resources include potassium salts and white clay and mineral waters similar to those from the Caucasus.


The Orenburg Region's population is 2,162,500, with 1,012,400 males and 1,150,100 females. 58% of the region's population is urban, while residents in rural areas account for 42%. The economically active population is 1,337,400, with those employed in the economic sector reaching 1,020,800. The unemployment rate, calculated according to ILO standards, is 11.3%. Senior citizens and minors account for 26.4% and 11.7% of the population, respectively. The rate of natural increase is negative, at - 4.4 per 1,000.


Governor of the Orenburg Region: Yury Berg.

Mayor of Orenburg: Yury Mishcheryakov.

Speaker of the regional legislature: Dmitry Kulagin.

Regional issues and prospects

The region's issues are largely defined by its geographical location: uncontrolled migration and drug trafficking. The Orenburg Region has significant natural resources. The industry's prospects lie in the enhancement of deposit exploration.

The industrial complex's prospects lie in the shifting to a more significant role of the processing industries. The current situation in the agricultural sector shows unfavourable signs. A promising option for the sector's development is the formation of an agricultural market infrastructure capable of local market saturation and interregional trade.


Official website: http://www.orb.ru/


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