Penza Region

The Penza Region, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, is part of the Volga Federal District, bordering the Saratov Region in the south, Ulyanovsk Region in the east, the Ryazan and Tambov regions in the west, and Republic of Mordovia in the north. 


The Penza Region is located in the middle reaches of the Volga River on the East European Plain.

Administrative division

The Penza Region comprises 28 areas, 5 regionally administered cities and towns (Penza, Kamenka, Kuznetsk, Serdobsk and Zarechny), 6 towns (Bednodemyanovsk, Belinsky, Gorodishche, Sursk, Nizhny Lomov and Nikolsk), 16 towns, 376 rural administrations and 1,534 villages, including 42 uninhabited.


43,300 square kilometres


Penza, located 709 kilometres from Moscow

Main cities

Penza, Kuznetsk, Zarechny, Kamenka, Serdobsk, Nikolsk, Nizhny Lomov


The Penza Region has a moderately continental climate. The region is located at the intersection of forestland, forest-steppe and steppe zones, with chernozem, or black soil, covering 68% of its territory. The average January temperature is -7.7°C (18.14°F), while the average July temperature is +21°C (69.8°F).

Main natural resources

The region's extractable resources are predominantly mineral reserves. The region has three oil deposits being explored, with total estimated reserves of 39.8 million tonnes. Construction materials are extracted from deposits of clay, gypsum, glass sands, marl, chalk, and hard-grained moulding sands.


The Penza Region's population is 1,436,000, with 656,000 males and 780,000 females. Over 65% of the region's population is urban, while rural residents account for 34.6%. The economically active population is 870,300, with those employed in the economic sector amounting to 674,100. The unemployed rate, calculated using ILO methods, is 9.1%, while senior citizens and minors account for 29.5% and 9.7%, respectively. The negative rate of natural increase is -9.5 per 1,000.


Governor of the Penza Region: Vasily Bochkaryov, elected Head of the Penza Region's administration on June 2, 1998 and elected the region's Governor on March 26, 1999. Re-elected Governor on April 14, 2002. Nominated by then-President Vladimir Putin for his next term and appointed Governor by the regional legislature on May 14, 2005, taking office on May 26, 2005.

Mayor of Penza: Roman Chernov, elected December 27, 2005.

Speaker of the regional legislature: Alexander Gulyakov, elected in December 2007.

Regional issues and prospects

Certain, unresolved issues have hindered local economic expansion. Among the region's acute social problems is the high rate of alcohol abuse, which is three times more than Russia's average. The lack of required farm machinery is the major issue of the local agriculture industry.

The regional industry's biggest economic prospects lie in developing engineering and instrument-making, as well as fuel, energy and forest sectors. Prospective agricultural activities include developing such profitable sectors as dairy and milk cattle breeding, poultry farming and crop raising. The region also has sufficient resources to further expand its tourist industry.


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