Saratov Region

The Saratov Region, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, is a part of the Volga Federal District bordering Samara, Ulyanovsk and Penza regions in the north, the Volgograd Region in the south, the Voronezh and Tambov regions in the west, and Kazakhstan and the Orenburg Region in the east. 


The Saratov Region is located in the south-east of the East European Plain in the Lower Volga region. The region comprises 38 administrative districts and 13 regionally administered cities (Atkarsk, Balakovo, Balashov, Volsk, Krasnoarmeisk, Marks, Petrovsk, Pugachyov, Rtishchevo, Saratov, Khvalynsk, Shikhany, Engels).


100,200 square kilometres



Main cities

Saratov, Balakovo, Engels, Balashov, Volsk


The Saratov Region has a temperate continental climate with the average January temperature of -7.4 C (18.68 F) and the average July temperature of +22.6 C (72.68 F).

Main natural resources

The region's main natural resources include natural gas, oil, construction materials and oil shales. The region has rock phosphate, brick clay, keramzit (expanded clay), various sand (glass-making, dry and building sands), sand-gravel aggregate, chalk stone, cement crude material, building stone, limestone, sandstone, mineral colour, gaize, rotten-stone, mineral salt, zeolite, glauconite and peloid deposits. There are two reservoir storages on the Volga River - the Saratov reservoir (with a dam in Balakovo) and the Volgograd reservoir. The region has approximately 180 small rivers, while forests take up 560,000 ha of territory.


The region's population is 2,643,600 people, with 1,215,100 makes and 1,428,500 females. Over 73% of the population is urban, while rural residents account for 26.4%. The economically active population is 1,621,100 people, of whom 1,176,700 are employed. The unemployment rate, calculated using ILO methods, is 10.5%, with senior citizens and minors accounting for 26.5% and 12%, respectively. The rate of natural increase is negative and stands at -7.9 per 1,000.


Governor of the Saratov Region: Pavel Ipatov

On March 3, 2005, the deputies of the Saratov Regional Duma unanimously voted to confirm the President's nomination of Pavel Ipatov for the Saratov Region Governor. The official entry into office ceremony took place on April 5, 2005.

Head of the Saratov Administration Oleg Grishchenko. Acting Head of the Saratov Administration Alexei Prokopenko

Speaker of the regional legislature: Valery Radayev. He was elected the regional parliament Speaker on December 12, 2007.

Regional issues and prospects

The region's economic development is hindered by a whole set of internal and external factors, while one of the key constraints is the functional depreciation and physical wear of fixed assets and inadequate rates of their upgrading. The economic development is also being held back by an insufficient number of enterprises engaged in finished goods production inside the region. Another limiting factor is the defence conversion. Poor development of agricultural product and food markets, low level of intensification and insufficient availability of agricultural equipment hinders the stable development of the agricultural sector. The factors contributing to the sustainable economic development of the region include a well-balanced industrial output structure, developed small business sector, and balanced and well-developed transport infrastructure.


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