Tula Region

The Tula Region, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, is part of the Central Federal District, bordering the Moscow Region to the north, the Kaluga Region in the north-east, the Lipetsk Region in the south, the Oryol Region in the south-west, and the Ryazan Region in the east. 


The Tula Region is located in the western part of Russia.

Administrative division

The Tula Region comprises 23 districts, 9 regionally administered towns, 55 towns and 341 rural administrations.



25,700 square kilometres


Tula, located 193 kilometres from Moscow

Main cities

Tula, Novomoskovsk, Aleksin, Shchyokino, Uzlovaya, Yefremov


The Tula Region has a moderately continental climate, with the average January temperature of -9°C (15.8°F) and the average July temperature of +20°C (68°F).

Natural resources

The region's key mineral resources are brown coal, salt rock, strontium ore and construction materials.


The Tula Region's population is 1,644,800, with 739,000 males and 905,800 females. Over 82% of the region's population is urban, while residents in rural areas account for 18.2%. The economically active population is 974,400, with those employed in the economic sector totalling 770,700. The unemployed rate, calculated using ILO methods, is 5.3%. Senior citizens and minors account for 34.8% and 6%, respectively. The rate of natural increase is negative, at -14.7 per 1,000.


Governor of the Tula Region: Vyacheslav Dudka

Mayor of Tula: Evgeny Avilov

The Speaker of the regional legislature is Igor Panchenko.

Regional issues and prospects

The local economy is heavily influenced by the region's proximity to Moscow and the Moscow Region, which transfers investment and economic innovations to the territory, and also attracts migrants from the region. The territory's largest economic prospects lie in incorporating environmental adjustments for local ferrous and chemical industries, intensification of production and expansion of the range of products manufactured in major sectors such as engineering and chemical industry, as well as the expansion of import substitution industries. Another activity under development is the regional tourism sector.


Official website: http://www.region.tula.ru/

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