Ulyanovsk Region

The Ulyanovsk region, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, is a part of the Volga Federal District bordering the Chuvash Republic and the Republic of Tatarstan in the north, the Samara Region in the east, the Saratov Region in the south, and the Penza Region and the Republic of Mordovia in the west. 


The Ulyanovsk Region is located in the heart of the Middle Volga, on the East European (Russian) Plain and takes up the middle and western parts of the Volga Upland. The region comprises 21 rural areas, 6 cities (including 3 independent municipal entities), 33 towns, and 322 rural and community administrations.


37,300 square kilometres


Ulyanovsk, located 893 kilometres from Moscow

Main cities

Ulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad, Inza, Barysh, Novoulyanovsk


The region has a temperate continental climate with the average January temperature of -6.8 C (19.76 F) and the average July temperature of +21.4 C (70.52 F).

Main natural resources

The regional main natural resources include mineral, water and recreation resources. Oilfields have been discovered in the region, and there are also peat, oil shale and chalkstone deposits. The region also has mineral resources for the production of construction materials, including glass-making and quartz sands. The Ulyanovsk Region has considerable mineral water resources and is famous for its Undory therapeutic treatment centre and local mineral water resorts such as the Beloye Lake (Nikolayevsky District) and the Bely Yar (Cherdaklinsky District).


The region's population is 1,364,500 people, with 628,100 males and 736,400 females. Over 72% of the population is urban, while rural residents account for 27.2%. The economically active population is 845,400 people, of whom 606,500 people are employed. The unemployment rate, calculated using ILO methods, is 7.4%, with senior citizens and minors accounting for 27.8% and 10.2%, respectively. The rate of natural increase is negative and stands at -8.4 per 1,000.


Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region: Sergei Morozov

He was elected in December 2004.

On March 20, 2006, the President of the Russian Federation nominated Sergei Morozov for the region's Governor, and on March 28, 2006, the deputies of the Regional Legislative Assembly confirmed this nomination.

Mayor of Ulyanovsk: Alexander Pinkov

He was elected on December 5, 2004.

Speaker of the regional legislature: Boris Zotov

Regional issues and prospects

The light industry subsectors are the most troubled in the region's industry. The situation in the agricultural sector is also complicated. Retired fixed assets of agricultural enterprises exceed the new fixed assets several times. The tourism industry, particularly, history and culture, ethnographic, environmental and recreational tours, can offer real prospects to the region's economy. The aircraft industry, automobile manufacturing, oil production and the woodworking industry are the most perspective for the region's industrial development.


Official website: www.ulgov.ru

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