Saint Petersburg

The city of St Petersburg, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, is a part of the Northwestern Federal District. 


St Petersburg is located in the north-west of European Russia, on the eastern tip of the Gulf of Finland, in the mouth of the Neva River and on the islands in its delta.


700 square kilometres

St Petersburg is located 651 kilometres from Moscow.


The climate is transitional from maritime to continental, with the average January temperature of -7 degrees C, and the average July temperature of 15 C.


The city's population is 4,600,200 (2007), with 2,186,600 males and 2,413,600 females. The economically active population is 2,553,000, of whom 2,483,000 are employed. The unemployment rate, calculated to ILO standards, is 2.8%. Senior citizens and minors account for 23.5% and 13.3% of the population, respectively. The rate of natural increase (RNI) is negative and stands at - 7.3 per 1,000.


Governor of St Petersburg: Valentina Matviyenko

Speaker of the St Petersburg Legislative Assembly: Vadim Tyulpanov


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