Chukotka Autonomous Area

The Chukotka Autonomous Area, a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, is part of the Far Eastern Federal District. The region borders on Koryak Autonomous Area in the south and southeast, Magadan Region in the southwest, and Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the west and northwest. The Bering Strait separates the area from the State of Alaska (USA). 


The Chukotka Autonomous Area is in the Chukotka Peninsula and the adjoining part of Eurasia. The area covers the territory between the low flows of the Kolyma River in the west and cape Dezhnev in the Chukotka peninsula, as well as the islands of Wrangel, Aion, Arakamchechen, Ratmanov, Gerald, and others.

Administrative division

The area is comprised of 8 districts, 2 cities of the district administration (Anadyr and Pevek), 18 urban settlements, and 45 rural communities.


737,800sq km


Anadyr, 8,635 km from Moscow

Main cities

Anadyr, Bilibino, Pevek


The Chukotka Autonomous Area has a northern climate typical of the Arctic belt, while the climate in the south is sunarctic (maritime). The average January temperature is 21.3 degrees below zero, and the average July temperature is 11 degrees above zero.

Major natural resources

The major natural resources in the Chukotka Autonomous Area are gold, coal, lignite, tin, mercury, and natural gas. The major rivers are the Anadyr (with the Main, the Belaya, and the Tanyurer tributaries), the Velikaya, the Amguema, the Omolon, the Bolshoi Anyuy, and the Maly Anyuy. The largest lakes are the Krasnoye, the Elgygytkhyn, and the Pekulney.


The Chukotka Autonomous Area has a total population of 51,400 people, with 27,000 males and 24,400 females. 64.7% of the population is urban, while the rural population accounts for 35.2%. The economically active population is 36,400, with those employed in the economic sector reaching 34,200. The unemployment rate, calculated using ILO methods, is 4.8%, while senior citizens and minors account for 23.34% and 5.83%, respectively. The positive population growth rate is 2.3 per 1,000. The migration influx rate is -169.8 per 10,000.

Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Area: Roman Kopin. He was nominated for the position by the President of the Russian Federation on July 11th 2008, the local Duma (parliament) voting by secret ballot approved him as Governor on July 13th 2008.
Mayor of Anadyr: Andrey Shchegolkov. In office since January 1st 2006.
Speaker of the local legislature, Chairman of the Duma of the Chukotka Autonomous Area: Roman Abramovich. Elected Chairman on October 22nd, 2008.

Regional issues and prospects

A great number of problems are caused by the disconnect between the area's transport and infrastructure and the mainland economic space of Russia, by harsh nature, strong dependency on food and consumer goods exports. The industry faces the following major problems: industrial recession and accumulated depreciation. Agriculture is witnessing a decline in caribou herds. The inter-area transport routes are underdeveloped, resulting in transportation problems. The income of the population is not properly diversified and is largely dependent on official wages and shadow economy. The development prospects depend on the infrastructure development, support for small businesses, and diversification of the economy. Transport requires the development of small and super small aircraft, and coasting along the Chukotka coast.


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