Country: Denmark    Industry: Machinery engineering

Group Headquarter:  Nordborgvej 81 6430 Nordborg Denmark

Phone: +45 7488 2222 Fax: +45 7449 0949

143581, Moscow Region, Istra Area, Pavlo-Slobodskoe settlement, Leshkovo, 217, Russia

Phone: +7 (495) 792-5757


Danfoss A/S is an international industrial concern, a world leader on production of heating automatics, refrigeration equipment, power electronics and industrial automatics. The products of concern are widely used in ventilation and air-conditioning systems, heat supply systems of apartment and social houses, in water supply and water drain systems, in chemical and mineral resource industries, in food industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding. The headquarter of Danfoss A/S is situated in Nordborg, Denmark. The Russian representative office of company Danfoss LLC was formed in 1993.